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Our complete care solution for Alzheimer's

If you, or someone you know, is living with Alzheimer’s or you worry that this might be the case. Clarity is here to help.

Why choosing the digital brain clinic?

The Alzheimer’s journey can be overwhelming and everyone deserves
a tailored-made solution.

1 in 9 people over 65 lives with Alzheimer’s. We all know someone undergoing this disease. It is a lonely journey where most patients and families struggle to access continued support and care.

Save time navigating the patient’s path
Avoid long hours driving to the clinic
Track and improve health over time

Comprehensive care solution

Our mobile App provides knowledge about the disease to patients and caregivers. It will help you feel empowered and confident about how to tackle the difficulties that Alzheimer’s can bring to one’s life.

With this care solution, we aim to take everyone one step ahead – whether that is recognizing early signs of cognitive impairments or coping with the current and future stages of the disease – our mobile App will share with you personalized advice at every stage of your journey. This entails access to a community of healthcare professionals that will provide you with a personalized, continuous and up-to-date care plan, and the ability to track your progress over time. All at your fingertip.

Ready for a different brain health experience?

All of this, accessible from the comfort of your home.

Get started with our care platform

Based on your needs we will create a personalized health roadmap integrating information and care support and facilitating access to diagnosis and potential new treatments.

Your mobile app is available in beta.
Join now and start your care journey with us!

Rigorous neuroscience that makes a difference

Clarity brings together the latest findings in neuroscience, world-class Alzheimer’s experts, engineers, designers, patients and families to improve the therapeutic path offered to those with dementia. Using advanced technology, Clarity is currently developing a novel
non-invasive and non-pharmacological therapy that aims to slow down the progression of dementia.

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