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    Brain health, made accessible to your home.

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    We use light and sound to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's and neurological conditions.

    Audiovisual stimulation uses synchronized pulses of light and sound that your brain naturally follows. Regular use has been shown to slow down cognitive decline, improve memory, sleep, and quality of life.

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    Alzheimer’s, a global challenge

    We understand and empathize with the profound challenges faced by millions of people with neurological conditions and their loved ones. Recognizing the limitations of traditional healthcare systems, Clarity strives to bridge this gap.

    Our solution

    Clarity aims to improve the patient’s journey by providing novel light and sound stimulation-based therapeutics with personalized healthcare solutions.

    Our sensory stimulation device and its associated platform are grounded in rigorous neuroscience research, validated in collaboration with leading experts in the field. They are presently designated for investigational purposes exclusively and are not yet accessible for commercial purchase.

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    Improve brain health and patients' autonomy
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    Safer than current drugs and non-invasive
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    Professional guidance from medical experts
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    Accessible from the comfort of your home

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