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    We exist to improve human life.

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    Our mission

    At the core of our mission is a commitment to developing comprehensive, preventive, and personalized healthcare solutions. We firmly believe that health can be a transformative journey, advancing our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

    By bringing these solutions to people with neurological conditions, we are taking the first step in redefining how we approach and maintain human health as we age.

    What we value

    At Clarity, we want to build a culture that creates the perfect osmosis between resilience, excellence and creativity. To tackle this monumental challenge, we seek resilient individuals who have overcome adversity and demonstrated a remarkable capacity for problem-solving and adaptability. We value people for their ability to innovate, execute, and work as a team. The interdisciplinary nature of our team fosters a uniquely engaging and dynamic culture that promotes individual and collective growth.

    Prioritizing Health
    Fostering Trust
    Bold Ambition
    Personal & Collective Growth
    Pursuing Excellence & Flexibility
    Cultivating Respect & Humility

    Our team

    Our multidisciplinary team brings together a diverse range of nationalities, backgrounds, and expertise to create innovative and inclusive solutions for brain health.

    Leadership team

    Raphael Certain
    Raphael Certain
    Founder - CEO
    Dr. Carolina Reis
    Dr. Carolina Reis
    Director of Neuroscience
    Dennis Vetu
    Dennis Vetu
    Head Of Product Design

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    Join a team of driven international scientists, engineers and designers.

    Work at the edge of virtual reality, neuroscience, brain-computer interface and precision medicine.

    Let's build the future of health together!

    Open positions

    Our advisors

    Clarity is supported by an international advisory board of experts in neuromodulation, Alzheimer's disease, and digital therapeutics. And also by experienced healthtech entrepreneurs and technologists who developed products helping millions of people to live healthier lives.

    Dr. Theodore Zanto
    Director of Neuroscience Division - Neuroscape (UCSF)
    Associate professor - Neurology
    Dr. Andrew Clouter
    Dr. Andrew Clouter
    Senior Lecturer & Researcher at Nottingham University
    Dr. Simon Hanslmayr
    Dr. Simon Hanslmayr
    Professor at School of Psychology and Neuroscience at Glasgow University
    Yvon Brousseau
    Yvon Brousseau
    President of AKKA Technologies - Investor & Entrepreneur
    Olivier Deckmyn
    Olivier Deckmyn
    CEO of Biopredictive (Fibrotest) and Investor
    Brad Barrish
    Brad Barrish
    Technologist & investor, from Oura & Sonos