Your best partner along the Alzheimer’s journey.

We provide solutions for patients, families and medical teams. Because Alzheimer’s impacts all of us.

Our Approach

Clarity combines an easy-to-use device and platform to deliver digital therapeutics, at home and without medical supervision

For patients

Enjoy a unique virtual experience from the comfort of your home!

Our solution aims to slow down the disease resulting in improved cognition (memory, sleep, less anxiety), self-sufficiency, and well-being.

For families

We know that caring about a loved one is tough & overwhelming!

Clarity helps you to relieve pressure, feel supported with the right information and worry less for your loved one safety.

For medical teams

To better help patients you need the right tools at the right time.

Clarity clinic will help you improve your practice with better diagnoses and accurate health information for personalized health guidance. You will save time when running assessments and consequently help more patients.