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    The first digital brain clinic,
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    Immersive light and sound stimulation therapies with a comprehensive healthcare platform to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's.

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    A new era of
    non-pharmacological treatments

    Audiovisual stimulation, using specific pulses of light and sound, has been shown to be a potential novel therapy against the progression of Alzheimer's disease and neurodegeneration. Clarity is developing an immersive sensory stimulation device to provide optimal treatment protocols improving cognitive functions, autonomy and quality of life.

    Our medical device is provided with a digital clinic for access to healthcare experts, personalized medical guidance, and remote monitoring. Enabling a better patient's experience throughout the disease journey.

    More joy & improved quality of life
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    Personalized and holistic healthcare
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    Noninvasive & safe
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    Evidence-based therapeutics
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    Our solution

    Medical devices for treatment and health monitoring
    Companion App for patients and families
    Healthcare platform

    By creating a seamless continuum between our neurostimulation device, mobile application and healthcare platform, we ensure an optimal symbiosis between all stakeholders involved in care delivery.

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    Better clinical outcomes than traditional approaches
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    A vibrant experience accessible from the comfort of your home
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    Continuous and remote monitoring better disease management

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    Clarity is currently recruiting participants for upcoming clinical trials in the United States. By participating, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of neuroscience and the discovery of innovative treatments. In addition, as a participant, you may personally experience the remarkable benefits of our non-invasive, personalized, and holistic healthcare solutions.

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